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Paint blot drawing exercise

It's good to still set aside time to draw by hand. Sometimes it's hard to get into these days and I miss what drawing meant to me in my childhood. It used to feel as important as breathing, eating and sleeping.

Maybe you have difficulties getting started as well. Here is something fun I tried to get the inspiration flowing.

What you need is some watered down acrylic paint, paper, something like a palette knife (chopstik, popsicle stick,...), and some black markers (preferably different thicknesses).

Fold your paper in half either vertically or horizontally, then put some small streaks of paint on one side, and press the two sides together. Open up and tadaa: a rorschach blot. Look at the blot. No, really look at it. Try to make out different things or creatures. Use your markers to outline them. Or use a pencil first if you're scared like me. Try to make your drawing symmetrical like the paint blot itself. Use your thinner marker(s) to fill in the objects and creatures with interesting patterns and textures.

This is a great exercise in creativity and hand steadiness!

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